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I’ve Moved

Posted by lozenp on January 29, 2009

Thanks for visiting, please update your bookmark to Also, please be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed on the new site. Thanks for coming by, and hope to see you at the new site.


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Looking for some help

Posted by lozenp on January 26, 2009

I’m not sure if anyone still reads this since I haven’t updated it in many months, but if there is anyone out there, I’m looking for some help.

I’m planning on buying a domain name and moving my blog to a hosted WordPress environment. I’ve started building it already, take a look if you want. The blog will be all about HD stuff, TVs, Blu-ray, web, etc. Anything related to High Def video and tech stuff.

Anyhow, I need help with a domain name. Take a look at the poll below and vote.

If you have a better idea, leave it in the comments. Thanks.

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