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March Madness HD on demand

Posted by lozenp on February 28, 2008

March Madness is just around the corner, and CBS is offering up an appetizer to college hoops fans with news of HD video on demand clips, highlights and recaps of all 63 games. Comcast and Bresnan Communications are the first cable operators to sign up.

CBS is teaming up with the CBS College Sports Network (CSTV) to produce the highlight packages and they will be free of charge to subscribers via the on demand feature.

Now, if Comcast can only figure out how to get me an HD feed for all the games on the first two days, I’d be all set. The last two years I’ve had to watch SD coverage on Thursday and Friday while my satellite subscribing friends got the games in all their HD goodness.


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Posted by lozenp on March 15, 2007

I love NCAA Tournament time. It was so hard being at work today with the first round games starting, on top of that I was slammed at work so I couldn’t even follow scores closely.

However, once I got home, it was hoops all night (save for a little Xbox). Got to see MSU hand it to Marquette pretty good, VCU beating Duke (something good about Duke losing, why is that?), and got off to a pretty good start in my two pools. Better than last year when I had already thrown out my sheets by the end of the first night of games.

Anyhow, the Free Press asked a good question the other day: Is March the best time for Sports? NCAA Tourney, NHL and NBA setting up playoffs, MLB opening day. What do you think?

I’m not sure it competes with September when both NCAA and pro football start up, but it’s darn close. These first four days of games were like an additional holiday in college, class attendance was definitely something that was optional.

It was a bit odd around the Lozen house tonight, as Amy is in Grand Rapids with Jack so I didn’t get to see him tonight. Not until Saturday. The little guy is missing his first NCAA Tourney with his dad. We’ll have to make up that lost time with Saturday and Sunday’s games.

One final note: Comcast stinks. For the second year in a row, my nice, big 50-inch HDTV was rendered absolutely ordinary because Comcast couldn’t figure out how to get the CBS HD feed working until the 9 p.m. games, meaning I had to watch MSU in SD. My brother got to see the game in all its HD glory in Lansing (including Ibok’s elbow dislocation, ewwww). I was further frustrated when I called Comcast and spent 15 minutes on hold and with a person who I’m pretty sure didn’t even know what HD was, let alone why I wasn’t getting it. Grrrr.

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