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Band of Brothers gets Blu later this year?

Posted by lozenp on April 1, 2008

bandI was going to just update my “HD Wish List No. 1” with this info, but it’s such big news (to me, at least) that it demands it’s own entry.

According to a Home Media Magazine interview with Sofia Chang, SVP of marketing for HBO Video, the network has plans for a “Band of Brothers” Blu-Ray release “later this year.” The comments came during an interview about the DVD release for the current HBO series “John Adams”.

Band of Brothers is No. 6 on the all-time TV on DVD sales list, and No. 4 on the TV Series Set on DVD list.

The question now is, how do I get my wife (see comments on my Wish List entry) to allow me to buy “Band of Brothers” again?


2 Responses to “Band of Brothers gets Blu later this year?”

  1. amy said

    not going to happen. you will have to save up rewards points or ask for gift cards for your birthday!

  2. boyberm said

    this is very nice my dear

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