Your Daily Phil

The iPhone gets cheaper, somewhat

Posted by lozenp on March 18, 2008

After seeing this post on Engadget about AT&T selling refurbished iPhones for $249, I was a bit miffed about spending $349 last week on the Apple Store for a refurbished iPhone. Not one to take these types of things lying down, I promptly called Apple.

After the mandated “we can’t match prices” and “I find it hard to believe it’s that cheap” with a helping of “I’m not really sure the quality of the ones AT&T are selling is as high as ours” from the phone rep, I did get him to throw me a small bone: a free case from the store.

Since I was already shopping for one, I figured this was better than nothing. I promptly choose the $50 one he recommended, should be here in a couple weeks. And now I get to keep the Best Buy Reward Zone certificates I had earmarked for the case. Woo hoo!


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