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High Def DVDs make up more than 21 percent of Amazon top 23

Posted by lozenp on March 17, 2008

Sorry for the sentence masquerading as a headline, but I wanted to make sure my point got across. Right now on the DVD bestseller list, high def media makes up 21 percent of the top 23 titles listed, and three of those titles are in the top 10.

I Am Legend (which amazingly sits at No. 1), No Country for Old Men (No. 8) and Enchanted (No. 9), all on Blu-Ray, make up 30 percent of the top 10 DVDs being sold at Amazon right now. Granted, all three are getting deep discounts, Legend is nearly half off list at $18.95, but read below that and it means that there’s enough players out there now that this type of thing can happen.

We’ve seen this in the past on rare occurances (Planet Earth on HD DVD was the first one I can remember), but this is the most representation I can remember seeing on the top 25. The I Am Legend combo HD/DVD comes in at 21 and the Remastered Fifth Element on Blu Ray is 23.


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