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New RSS feed via feedburner

Posted by lozenp on February 21, 2008

Hey all, for the four of you who have my blog in your reader, if you would do me a solid and resubscribe using the new link on the top of the right column, I would be forever indebted. WordPress is great, but there’s some thing I want to know about the site that I can’t get so I subscribed to Feed Burner to try to get those stats, one of which is subscriptions.

It’s a pain, I know, but it will really help me out. To show my thanks, I’ve got 7 invites to the Hulu Private Beta left. The first seven to resubscribe and drop a comment get an invite. Be sure to put your email in the comment so I can get the invite to you. Many Thanks!

Here’s the feed:


2 Responses to “New RSS feed via feedburner”

  1. Ken Franklin said

    done and done.

  2. Bill said

    Thanks sir…saw your post on the XBOX 360 HD DVD. Thinking about buying one as I’m in the process of building a Home Theater PC and already own an XBOX 360.

    Can you send me an invite to Hulu?

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