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Universal, Paramount going Blu

Posted by lozenp on February 19, 2008

uhi.jpgAnd now for the “no duh” announcements. After Toshiba ended HD DVD this morning, Paramount and Universal are going Blu. No specifics on when yet, but you can bet it will be soon. Let me save you time and tell you that Dreamworks and any other current HD DVD backer will be going Blu as well.

In a strange, sad, ironic twist, Universal sent out to its subscribers its UniversalHiDef email yesterday, touting HD DVDs from the company.

The Universal High Def site has not been changed to reflect any announcements as of yet.

Either way, it looks like if you are like me and want to get your hands on some HD DVDs before they disappear, you might want to get going on making purchases. It’s very likely that these Universal and Paramount may stop producing HD DVDs very quickly in an effort to gain sales from the amount of press being given to the end of the format war.

For you Blu-Ray people, shouldn’t be too long before you can enjoy Transformers, Shrek and many other previously exclusive HD DVDs. No word either, on Warner’s upcoming HD DVD releases that have already made it out on Blu-Ray but are in the midst of that companie’s three-week delay between Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases.


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