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Wal Mart latest to turn Blu Ray-only

Posted by lozenp on February 15, 2008

Discount retailer Wal Mart has announced its intention to drop HD DVD starting in June according to Check Out blog, Wal Mart’s corporate blog.

deepdiscount.gifThis of course comes as no surprise amid the recent announcements, but it’s yet another link in the chain. Wal Mart is one of, if not the biggest seller of DVDs in the nation (not including online-only stores like Amazon) so this is another blow, but I can’t really call it a fatal blow because I think that’s already been dealt. At this point its like standing over your opponents body in Halo and continuing to fire away with the Needler.

Also, if you’re interested in some cheap HD DVD titles, head over to where tons of HD DVD titles are reduced more than 50 percent in some cases, with a host of top-notch titles at $12.20. Hopefully for those of us who jumped in the HD DVD bandwagon this is the start of deep discounts across the board. has a similar sales, offering 50 percent off 150 HD DVD titles, get ’em while you can.


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