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Netflix dumps HD DVD – Update

Posted by lozenp on February 11, 2008

netflixNetflix isn’t wasting any time in pushing HD DVD out the door. Just hours after announcing that it was moving to a Blu-Ray only format for HD releases, they sent out an email to subscribers who had HD DVD set as a preference stating that items in their queue currently labeled as HD DVD would soon move to standard DVD. Click the image at right for the full announcement.

The answer to the question of “when” would they stop buying HD DVDs seems to be answered as well. The email states “we will not be adding any additional HD DVD titles or ordering replacements.” It goes on to say that all items in your saved queue (movies that are not out yet) are all automatically being changed to standard def releases.

Looks like my subscription might be ending sooner than I thought unless some major changes happen to the instant watch option.


5 Responses to “Netflix dumps HD DVD – Update”

  1. Netflix To Drop HD DVD, Best Buy To Push Blu-ray, HD DVD To Weep Quietly

    HD DVD got two heaping scoops of bad news today. One wonders how long Toshiba and the rest of the HD DVD camp will maintain their “Everything going remarkably well!” delusional stance. Hey, HD DVD, to quote: “No you’re not, yo…

  2. Hey, FYI engadget posts a link to a beta program that lets you watch netflix instant download via media center 🙂 works on 360, it looks like

  3. lozenp said

    Yeah I tried it last night, works pretty well. Only problem with it is it won’t work through the extenders (ie. the 360) so unless you’ve got your TV hooked direct to your PC, you’re still tied to your computer.

  4. […] Netflix dumps HD DVD – Update […]

  5. […] helped facilitate the end of the format war when it announced in February that it would stop offering HD DVDs through it’s mail-rental service. This move, while not […]

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