Your Daily Phil

Price cuts galore

Posted by lozenp on February 6, 2008

The price drops continue on HD DVD players. Circuit City and Best Buy  have the 720p/1080i HD A3 from Toshiba for $149 with copies of 300 and Bourne Ultimatum, and now word comes that Microsoft has lowered the price of the 360 HD DVD add on to $129 ($119 at Best Buy), effective immediately (you still get the remote and King Kong in the box). Both offers also qualify for the five free movies by mail.

This following an early morning sale at Amazon that saw the Xbox add on for just $79 that led to the stock being sold out, and Amazon now fulfilling orders back at full price but from Target.

Certainly seems like a fire sale to me, but at these prices, if you’re in the market for an upconverting DVD player I’d seriously take a look at HD DVD players as options. Even though it’s likely a dying technology, you’d still get to take advantage of the exclusive discs out there (Matrix, Heroes, etc.) as well as the ultra-cool HD DVD interactive features that Blu Ray just can’t match yet.


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