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Is HD DVD dying a quick death?

Posted by lozenp on January 9, 2008

Well, it’s been less than a week since Warner announced it was leaving HD DVD for Blu-Ray, and it seems the shakeup may continue. While the world’s electronics attention is focused on CES, the remaining HD DVD backers Paramount/Dreamworks and Universal have both failed to announce any upcoming new titles for the HD DVD format. Last year during CES new title announcement were flying fast and furious.

Further, rumors persist that one or both studios may be making Blu announcements of their own soon, and today a Microsoft talking head claimed the company could indeed make a Blu-Ray add-on for the 360.

Paramount, to their credit, has issued the obligatory “We’re still supporting HD DVD” statement, but Universal today simply issues a “no comment” on the persistent Blu-Ray rumors.

Add it all up, and things look worse and worse for the HD DVD camp each day. At this point, despite my belief that the Microsoft rep was right when he said Hollywood was not listening to consumers but buying a sales pitch from Sony, I’d rather just put HD DVD out of it’s misery, deal with the fact that I have a soon-to-be useless white brick in my entertainment center and move on with trying to convince my wife that we need to now buy a Blu-Ray player.


3 Responses to “Is HD DVD dying a quick death?”

  1. amy said

    am i getting a new comforter from pottery barn first?

  2. Rich said

    I believe you are right on this one. (I’m so glad I didn’t buy one of those HD-DVD players – I came close on about half a dozen different occasions). So when are the third party, USB-Plug in Blu-Ray players coming out for the 360???

    One quick question completely unrelated – I keep seeing some pretty cool phones mentioned at CES, but almost without question they are “not available in the US”. What’s up with that? Why do we get the lame phones?

  3. lozenp said

    Rich you’re right, it does seem that in a lot of cases the UK and Asia get the better phones first, except in the case of the iPhone that is.

    Interesting article here on the iPhone, but it also goes into how the wireless industry works a bit. Kind of explains why the cool hardware doesn’t make it here so fast.

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