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A new 360 bundle?

Posted by lozenp on January 5, 2008

While I’m still wiping my tears over Warner’s decision to dump HD DVD support and quite possibly put an end to the format war (more on this in a full post later) I do have a bit of speculation, thanks to an assist from my buddy Jesse and a broken Xbox 360.

Seems Jesse’s 360 finally gave out after a few weeks of flaky behavior. Unfortunately for him he did not get the three rings of death, signifying system failure, but only two rings, which Microsoft told him meant overheating. (Note: I’ve seen his setup, there’s nothing within 6-8 inches of his box, and it’s not in an enclosed entertainment center so there’s no way it should have overheated.) This means that the warranty extension Microsoft announced earlier this year doesn’t apply.

Luckily, Jesse had bought the service plan from Best Buy, and he was still covered. A trip to the retailer revealed that they had no 360s with hard drives in stock. Anywhere in a 100-mile radius. And no plans to get any shipped.

Hmmm. With CES starting Monday, and a Bill Gates pre-conference press conference scheduled for Sunday evening, could this be a sign that a new Xbox bundle is on the horizon? Rumors are swirling that Gates will announce a HD DVD equipped version. The hot rumor last year was the new cooler, quieter chips and that has not yet happened.

Either way, I think Jesse’s going to wait until after Sunday to possibly buy one from Best More as I hear or read anything.


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