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“If You’re Reading This”

Posted by lozenp on July 26, 2007

I’ve been hearing a song from Tim McGraw for the past month and it always gets to me. He performed it live at the ACM Awards and it’s been on country radio for about a month or so.

It’s basically a letter written from a soldier to his family in the event he dies in combat. Take a look at the video link below. Yes, it is country music. For those of you who are not country music fans, bite the bullet, it’s only 4 minutes long.

It’s pretty touching. While the whole song is emotional, there’s one line that I really like:

“Just remember this, I’m in a better place, Soldiers live in peace and angels sing amazing grace.”

What a cool picture that paints. Peace. Soldiers from all walks just singing along with the angels. published some actual letters from U.S. soldiers if you’re interested. I haven’t had time to read any yet, but I’m sure it’s eye opening.


One Response to ““If You’re Reading This””

  1. CYNI said

    Tim’s Cd Let it go is being rereleased with it on it go look for it in stores soon!

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