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7 Things About Me

Posted by lozenp on June 7, 2007

Interesting baby fact: I was an easy to entertain baby. My mom would put me in a bouncy seat, turn me to face the wall and I would talk to the wallpaper we had in our kitchen. Also, anytime I would laugh I’d get the hiccups.

Scariest moment: Getting in a head-on collision several years ago.

First kiss: I had a hard time with this one, I can’t really remember. It was either Emily Spanos in 5th grade on the playground or Michelle DeClark in 4th playing spin the bottle.

Most embarrassing moment: I don’t really embarrass easily. One that sticks out was in 6th grade, in the boy’s restroom I was trying to go to the bathroom using the urinal. I was wearing new underwear for the first time, and in this particular pair, the flap was accidentally sewn closed, causing me all kinds of problems. It also allowed those in the restroom with me ample reasons to make fun of me, I’ll leave it at that.

Hobbies: Volleyball, basketball, golf, home theater, Xbox 360, watching sports, computers, technology gadgets, World War II.

What i hate is: Not having time to relax and hang out with my family, butt-kissing, house work, people who aren’t authentic, Target’s return policy, the fact that you have to listen to someone tell you how to leave a voicemail on someone’s phone (I know how to leave a voicemail, I talk, I hang up, if I needed help with that I likely would not have been able to dial the phone in the first place), only seeing my child 2 hours a day during the week.

one thing i want to do: Take a tour of World War II battlefields throughout Europe (Normandy, Germany, Austria and Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, Bastogne, London bombing sights, etc.).


4 Responses to “7 Things About Me”

  1. Rich said

    LOL! I can just picture you talking away at the wallpaper. The underwear incident, that must have been pretty embarrassing. I hate butt-kissing and voice mail too!

  2. Laurie said

    Hi Phil,

    Remind me to tell you a couple of Bruce(my dad) stories from WWII. I’ll need Mitch to back up details but never the less…priceless. I miss him! I would sooooo pick his brain!
    Time with family oh that should have been on my makes you feel so at peace, relaxed..unless of course they’re teething or running a fever… you guys!

  3. Katie said

    nice to hear new things about you that I didn’t know…pretty funny, the hiccups everytime you laughed. If that were still the case now, you’d have hiccups all the time! Miss you guys terribly and can’t wait to see you…posted new stuff on my site today. Nice to catch up with you here! Give Jack and Amy kisses for me…Jack is getting so big!

  4. Mark said

    Can I join you on your WW II tour? Perhaps when Marit and I are in Europe you guys can come over and stay with us and we can go to all those places and stop in England for a Liverpool match.

    Have you been to the Dayton Air Force Museum? It has been years since I went but it is better than the Smithsonian in terms of how complete a history of flight they have. The WW II elements are not just limited to flight. Pretty incredible and you can get your hands on most of the stuff.

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