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Posted by lozenp on April 3, 2007

It’s amazing to me that Easter is this Sunday. It came up so fast. Seems like just days ago we were celebrating the Lord’s birth, now we’re honoring His death and rising.

God certainly has been working wonders in our life recently. On top of Jackson being such an amazing baby, God’s blessed Amy and I in our finances as well. With taxes, home improvement, hospital bills from the birth, and my EMU bills, the first part of this year has seen some crazy expenses. God continues to bless us with extra work for Amy, and opportunities for us such as a great refinancing of our home mortgage, among others. His faithfulness to us, deserved or not, continues to amaze…

Just watched Children of Men tonight. Wow, I’m not really sure what I watched. It was good, well acted, well shot. But I have to digest it more to really know what to think of it….

I’m working on a Web site for the company that is building our deck. I’ll keep you posted as it comes along. The current site is If weather holds, we might have the deck tomorrow…

For those of you out there who enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, the same people are releasing a new movie called Hot Fuzz. Opens sometime in April in the US. Looks hilarious…

Finally, happy to see The Office returns with a new episode Thursday. How we’re missed that crazy crew from Scranton.


One Response to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Rich said

    I watched Children of Men on Saturday and felt the same way. What was the message there? I’m sure there were many that flew right over my head, but here’s a couple thoughts I had. The future looks bleak if we continue down the same road of war, hatred and violence. I’m sure there was some commentary there on our current war situation. There is always hope for a better future though. My favorite seen was when Theo was carrying the Baby out of the apartment building. The fugees inside were in complete awe, the soldiers entering the building were in awe. It was as if the world stopped for one brief moment and took notice of the awesome miracle. There was life, hope, a future coming from the least likely place. Then gunshots rang from the building, and everything resumed as normal.

    Website looked cool.

    Can’t wait for the office. I love that show.

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