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Planet Earth Ep. 3-5

Posted by lozenp on April 2, 2007

I’ve really been enjoying Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth. Amy’s getting into it too. See below entries for info on the first two shows. Here’s my take on episodes 3-5:

Ep. 3 – Deep Ocean – By far the best sound of the five shows so far. Something about water and being underwater that makes for a very cool sound field. Some interesting species explored, too. Of course the dolphins are always a favorite. I think the whales were my favorite in this one though. They had some really great shots of them. Also some cool shots of underwater volcanoes that erupt, creating this black smoke and superheated water.

Ep. 4 – Deserts – The time-lapse photography of Death Valley blooming was amazing. Who knew that Death Valley could actually look like a scene from Little House on the Prairie? The video of Ibex butting heads was both interesting and sounded very cool. I have to rewatch this one because I was working through the first 25 minutes and didn’t get a good look at the early parts of the show.

Ep. 5 – Ice Worlds – I found the story of the polar bear most interesting. The fact the global warming is threatening this creature was very sad. I’m not sure, but this is the first species I’ve heard about recently that is being threatened not by hunters but by the earth’s climate change. The melting of the polar ice caps means less places for polar bears to hunt. There was also a very cool video of a polar bear attempting to get a kill among a herd of walrus. He lost. Of course not trip to the poles would be complete without the Emperor Penguin.

Episodes 1-5
We’re at the halfway mark (there’s actually 11, but who’s counting?) and so far I’m not disappointed. If I was ranking them so far, it’d look like this:

1. From Pole to Pole (Ep. 1)
2. Deep Ocean (Ep. 3)
3. Ice Worlds (Ep. 5)
4. Deserts (Ep. 4)
5. Mountains (Ep. 2)

The two highlights that stick out in my mind are the slow-motion shark attack, and the birds of paradise, both found in the first episode – From Pole to Pole.


2 Responses to “Planet Earth Ep. 3-5”

  1. Rich said

    I watched the pole to pole episode on demand last night. Pretty awesome stuff. I wanted to watch the shark attack one, but that’s not available yet.

    I loved the story about the empire penguins, that was amazing. The time lapse shots of them huddling was so cool! Loved the whole aurora something-alice thing (what an awesome awesome light show). Boy does it suck to be a male though. Four months freezing your butt off in well sub-zero temperatures babysitting.

    Wasn’t the Polar bear thing depressing? I was really tempted to fast forward through that section. They didn’t show what happened to the male on the Walrus Island,I wonder if he made it. While the story is true I’m sure, I couldn’t help but feel it was a little contrived to build up sympathy for global warming. Which I’m all for, but you don’t have to guilt me into it. The depressing music and sad commentary nearly pushed me over the edge.

    I’ll have to catch up on the other episodes. What nights does it come on anyway?

    Thanks for reminding me it was on.

  2. Rich said

    I finally got to see the seal and shark attack episode, it was shallow seas. The shark attack itself was completely amazing, but the thing I was captivated by was the seals swimming. It was in crystal clear High Def, in slow motion. I swear it looked like some computerized animation done on the green screen (ala 300 or something). Best image I’ve scene on my tv by far, I was in awe.

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