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God’s big board, and how we mess it up

Posted by lozenp on March 4, 2007

Part of Jesse’s sermon today had to do with a recent episode of Super Nanny. On the show, Super Nanny was called to the house of a child with ADHD. The mother was at her wits end trying to deal with the child, and it was affecting her attitude toward the child. Super Nanny had the mom write on a board all the things that were good about the child.

Jesse described the mom writing things like “kind, gentle, selfless” on this board, and as she wrote, how you could see her melt with love for her child.

Jesse’s point was how God keeps a big board like that for all of us. How amazing is that? This got me thinking, however, about God keeping a board of our faults as well, our sins. I’m not sure the theology about it, but I would think somewhere God knows our sins, and these sins sadden him. The most amazing thing is, through Jesus and relationship with God, through confessing our sins and seeking God’s forgiveness, that board filled with our sins is continually wiped clean.

Wouldn’t it be great if, as humans, we could do the same thing? Imagine never holding grudges. Imagine being able to forgive someone and truly have forgiven them, fully and completely. Imagine not bringing up old arguments in new confrontations with people. I know that’s something I struggle with, and something I hope relationship with God can help me learn to do.


One Response to “God’s big board, and how we mess it up”

  1. Robyn said

    that is so true – thanks for sharing!

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