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Welcome to my world

Posted by lozenp on February 27, 2007

Why, you might wonder, do I need another blog? Jack’s Place is doing fine, and people love reading and finding out about what Jack is up to.

The answer is simple, I wanted to keep Jack’s Place focused on Jack-related items only. So if I see a movie I really enjoy, hear some new tech item that sounds really cool, or maybe have some cool experience, I wanted a place to talk about that, too. Enter – Your Daily Phil.

Things you can expect to read about here:

  • God, and my relationship with him and how he shapes my life.
  • Technology, including but not limited to computers, Xbox 360, and all things home theater.
  • My work at Domino’s Pizza
  • TV shows, movies, music that I enjoy
  • World War II (one of my favorite hobbies)

That’s a pretty good list, but there will surely be items not on that list that come up. So read on if you’re interested, hopefully I’ll be able to keep your interest with some of my posts.


One Response to “Welcome to my world”

  1. Rich said

    Great idea. Look forward to reading your post.

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